VENTUS Born in the USA Air Handling Unit

Get more for less – maximum features in standard unit without added costs.

American VENTUS AHUs offer ready-to-install convenience in a compact, lighter-weight air handling package, featuring an innovative frameless casing design, free of thermal bridges and air leakages. In addition, the unit’s Plenum fan features a highly efficient motor with VFD and ensures silent operation thanks to innovative airfoil blades with unique trailing edge shape.

Wide range of application:

  • Available in nine nominal capacities from 800 to 38,500 CFM.
  • Operation in different climate conditions (-40 °F to 150 °F).
  • Horizontal and vertical configurations.

Application: schools, hospitals, offices, stores

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bring about benefits

to maintain

  • Maintenance-free PLENUM fan.
  • Corrosion resistant and thermal-bridge free casing.
  • Corrosion resistant drain pan made of stainless steel.


  • Optimal selection of the unit size according to building requirements.
  • The high quality construction of VENTUS units results from state of the art technology and following the strict international standards of quality.

Energy recovery rate up to 85%!

  • Energy recovery systems ideally suited to any climate conditions
  • Minimal airstreams exchange in the energy recovery blocks
  • Sensible and latent heat recovery realized on Energy Recovery Wheel

VENTUS born in the USAmay be supplied with:

  • Energy Recovery Wheel,
  • Cross-plate energy recovery,

Exceptional rigidity and integrity of the AHU

Frameless casing

A unique C-shape casing ensures excellent integrity and rigidity of the AHU.Highest possible leak-proof design.

  • no thermal bridges
  • minimized energy loss
  • exceptional integrity
  • compact size
  • highest casing rigidity rating
  • modern design
  • easy installation
  • corrosion resistant

High performance
direct drive PLENUM fans

  • Silent operation thanks to innovative airfoil blades with unique trailing edge shape.
  • Substantial energy savings
  • Smooth performance regulations using VFD technology
  • High efficient direct drive - elimination of V-belt transmission
  • Maintenance-free fan-set
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Stable operation, easy control

Carefully selected and programmed control applications enable professional management of air ventilation and conditioning circuits.

  • Speelling operating cost.
  • User Interface – for easy AHU status monitoring and management.
  • Fan drives status remote set-up and monitoring.
  • Suited for integration with BMS systems.

Investment safety

The mechanical and operational characteristics of VENTUS AHUs meet the highest ratings stated by international certification programs.

VTS guarantees excellent product quality and highest level of customer service.

  • 3 week standard lead time.
  • 24h/7days – VTS Service guarantees the shortest response time.
  • 18 months of Warranty.

User friendly on-line AHU selection tool

  • Enter the on-line selection tool at
  • Unit selection within 60 seconds.
  • AHU performance data certified by Eurovent certification program.
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